We offer a high quality and efficient company restoration service throughout England & Wales. Changes to company restoration procedures and timescales were introduced by the Companies Act 2006. Our experience can help you to achieve the most suitable and cost effective solution for restoring your company.

Administrative Restorations

Administrative Restorations were introduced on 1st October 2009 by the Companies Act 2006. If a company has been struck-off by the Registrar of Companies, usually for failing to file Accounts or Annual Returns, it may be eligible for an Administrative Restoration.

Administrative Restorations do not involve an application to the Court but do require that all outstanding Companies House filings are made and any late filing penalties are paid in full before the company can be restored, and confirmation that the company was trading at the time of strike-off and will continue to trade after restoration.

It is also necessary to apply for Crown Representative waiver, as all the assets of a struck-off company vest in the Crown. If that company wishes to continue in business, it’s not as simple as just incorporating a new company – the original company must be restored. Otherwise, purporting to deal with any assets of a struck-off company – e.g. debts due, stock, leases, premises or even goodwill – may be an offence. We have long experience of quickly and efficiently obtaining Crown Representative waivers without which Administrative Restorations are not possible.

For administrative restorations our guaranteed fixed fees start at only £250 plus fees of pending filing.

Court Restorations

Company restoration by Court Order is required when the company itself has applied to be struck off, or is not eligible for an administrative restoration or wishes to be restored for a limited purpose and will be struck off again. Currently we do not provide the service related with court restoration.