1. Introduction

    ACCOUNTANT ONLINE takes the confidentiality of personal data seriously. Please contact us on support@accountantonline-uk.com if you have any questions or comments on this Privacy Policy.

    ACCOUNTANT ONLINE’s Privacy Policy sets out the ways we process personal data. This Privacy Policy only relates to personal data collected by the ACCOUNTANT ONLINE via the ACCOUNTANT ONLINE website. Any personal data collected by the Accountant Online is used in accordance with the data protection legislation.

    This Privacy Policy does not apply to personal data provided to ACCOUNTANT ONLINE by any other means or via any other website. Users should be aware that if they provide personal data to other companies, the privacy policies of those companies determine the uses to which that information is put and the ACCOUNTANT ONLINE Privacy Policy will no longer apply.

  2. The Data Protection Act 2018

    The ACCOUNTANT ONLINE website complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018. The Data Protection Act 2018 is a United Kingdom Act of Parliament which updates data protection laws in the UK. It is a national law which complements the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  3. Use Made of Personal Information

    Personal information provided to Accountant Online via the ACCOUNTANT ONLINE website will be used for the purposes outlined at the time of collection.

    In addition, personal information may be used for statistical analysis. Personal data will be collected and processed by ACCOUNTANT ONLINE for the following purposes:

    1. To provide goods and services including the ACCOUNTANT ONLINE electronic newsletter.
    2. Marketing, advertising and promotions, unless a user elects to opt-out of receiving such communications.
    3. Notification of events, workshops and training sessions, unless a user elects to opt-out of receiving such communications.
    4. Administration.
  4. Processing personal data for the above purposes may entail sharing the information with employees, contractors, agents and professional advisors of ACCOUNTANT ONLINE. However, written agreements exist between ACCOUNTANT ONLINE and such parties that there must be no disclosure or further processing of such personal data.
  5. Order Forms

    ACCOUNTANT ONLINE's order forms request personal data, including contact details. This data is used to fulfill customer orders and for billing purposes. If ACCOUNTANT ONLINE has trouble processing an order, the contact details will be used to advise the customer accordingly.

  6. Consent

    By providing personal data to ACCOUNTANT ONLINE users consent to the processing of such data by ACCOUNTANT ONLINE as described in this Privacy Policy.

  7. Use of Data for Direct Marketing Purposes

    At each point of data collection, users are given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving future direct marketing material from ACCOUNTANT ONLINE. Where users do not opt-out of such communications, ACCOUNTANT ONLINE may provide information on ACCOUNTANT ONLINE products, membership services, events, and training and education programmes. If at any time users want ACCOUNTANT ONLINE to stop sending such communications they should write to support@accountantonline-uk.com

  8. Opt Out

    At each point of data collection users are given the opportunity to opt-out of having their personal data passed on to selected third parties. If users do not opt-out, ACCOUNTANT ONLINE may, in limited circumstances, share such data with carefully selected third parties who may contact users regarding events, products, services, and training and education programmes that may be of interest to them. If at any stage users want ACCOUNTANT ONLINE to stop using their personal data in this way they should write to the above address.

  9. Verifying, updating and amending your personal information

    If, at any time, a user wants to verify, update or amend their personal data they may simply email their request to support@accountantonline-uk.com. Verification, updating or amendment of personal data takes place within 40 days of receipt of the request.

  10. Cookies

    A "cookie" is a small text file that is put by a website on a user's computer hard drive. Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default; however, it is possible to set a browser to reject cookies. If a member sets up his or her browser to reject ACCOUNTANT ONLINE's cookie, he or she may still use the website.

    Cookies are often used to tell the website a user is registered and to personalise the user's visit to the website.

    Cookies used by ACCOUNTANT ONLINE to track movement by the Member purely for statistical analysis. ACCOUNTANT ONLINE's cookies do not analyse visits to other websites or track any Internet searches undertaken whilst on the ACCOUNTANT ONLINE website.

  11. Links to Third Party Websites

    This Privacy Policy applies solely to the personal data collected by ACCOUNTANT ONLINE and does not apply to third party websites users may access from this website.

    ACCOUNTANT ONLINE is not responsible for the privacy policies of third party websites. ACCOUNTANT ONLINE advises users to read the privacy policies of other websites before registering any personal data.

  12. Security

    ACCOUNTANT ONLINE holds your personal data in accordance with the security provisions of the Data Protection legislation.

    If you have any questions about security, please contact ACCOUNTANT ONLINE at support@accountantonline-uk.com

  13. Notification of Changes

    ACCOUNTANT ONLINE will notify all members of any changes it makes to its Privacy Policy. If ACCOUNTANT ONLINE decides to change its Privacy Policy, it will post such changes on this page so that you are always aware of how ACCOUNTANT ONLINE uses your personal data.

    Users have the right to ask ACCOUNTANT ONLINE for a copy of the personal data held about them and to request that ACCOUNTANT ONLINE correct any inaccuracies in that information.